Which tool is used to check password strength in cPanel server

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A cPanel user can check password strength within their panel to maintain the information secured. The passwdqc is the brilliant password quality checker library made by Openwall. passwdqc-js is a JavaScript port of passwdqc, made by Parallels. passwdqc-js supports AMD and NodeJS/CommonJS module format. So it runs on both client and server.

Important of password strength:

The use of strong password can slow or often defeat the various attack methods of compromising a terminal’s security. Passwords are case-sensitive and may contain as many as 127 characters.
A strong password does not contain the username, at least six characters long, Contains characters from Lowercase letters, Uppercase letters, Numerals, Symbols.

Tool to check password strength on cPanel server:

Passwdqc is used to check the password strength in cPanel server.

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